A brief bio: My name is Srinivasa Ramanujam Kannan. People who know me, calls me Jam. I work as an Assistant Professor from School of Mechanical Sciences at IIT Bhubaneswar.

One of my hobbies is to have fun by researching on new areas. I borrow theory from Mechanical Engineering, instruments from Electrical Engineering, tools from Computer Science Engineering and solve problems in Atmospheric Science.

About Research: Just like relationships, research has ups and downs. Pursuing research is taking a road that is less traveled. One can never be sure about reaching their destination, even worse, one can't even have surety of having one. It is this challenge that motivates me to pursue research, encourage me to grope in the dark trying to stumble upon a discovery that gives me an Aha! moment!

About Dr. Jam's lab: Often times in research, we take a path which eventually leads to a failure or disaster. It is not those failures, but lessons that we learn in that process that eventually makes the effort a successful one for which one gets full credits. In Dr. Jam's lab I intend to discuss more on such worthwhile lessons that I found in a hard way. On a side note, this blog will also features tutorial articles, lecture materials, tricks, hacks and new skills.

Area of expertise: It will be nice if the lessons that I learn can be generalized so that anyone who reads my blog gets benefited. However, as per an old saying, known is a drop, unknown is the ocean. I can write only about that drop! In fact, I am going to write about drops. Drops that were carried away by wind blown over water bodies, raised due to buoyancy (convection), cooled and expanded at lower pressure (high altitude) and fall down (precipitate) as rain. Estimation of rainfall is at the heart of my thesis.

For more information, have a look at list of my publications.